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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

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Wings Over North Georgia to Feature Several Aerobatic Performers

Rome, Ga. — The Black Diamond Jet Demonstration and AeroStars Aerobatic Flight Teams will take to the skies above the Richard B. Russell Regional Airport in Rome, Ga., on Oct. 12-13 as headliners for the 2013 Wings Over North Georgia. The weekend will also include a ramp full of outstanding aerobatic performers, aircraft, BBQ competition and other attractions.

“After losing the USAF Thunderbirds, we’ve recovered totally from the government’s sequestration directives as the only air show event in Georgia to host both a civilian jet formation and aerobatic flight demonstration teams,” said John Cowman, president of JLC AirShow Management.

Gary Ward Aerobatic ShowGary Ward Airshows

Gary Ward began his air show career in 1998 in a Pitts S2-B. In 1999, he moved to the Giles 202, and in 2006 he became the first pilot to begin flying air shows in the awesome new MX2.

The MX2 is the absolute latest in unlimited aerobatic aircraft. It is strong, fast, and very agile. The entire airframe is constructed of aerospace quality carbon fiber to provide maximum strength and stiffness with minimum weight. The MX2 is powered by a Lycoming engine modified by LYCON to produce more than 350 HP.

Ward will put the MX2 through one of the most exciting performances fans will ever see at the 2013 Wings Over North Georgia. The action starts on take off as Ward pulls steeply up and goes into a spectacular take off maneuver. The entire sequence is packed with breathtaking gyrations that range from zero speed hovers to dives in excess of 250 mph.

The MX2 is so powerful that at the end of an inverted flat spin, rotation is stopped and the MX2 will fly out, inverted, without the nose ever dropping below the horizon. Ward makes full use of the power and agility of the MX2 to perform many maneuvers that an airplane just isn’t supposed to do.

“Gary is considered to be the senior aerobatic performer and mentor to many of the performers on the air show circuit today and we are honored to have this Georgian perform at our show in Rome,” said Cowman.

Buck Roetman Aerobatic ShowBuck Roetman Wild Horse Aviation

Buck Roetman has been flying for more than 35 years, and he has flown more than 105 different types of airplanes, from Cubs to corporate jets, resulting in more than 13,500 hours of flight time.

Roetman holds the following FAA certificates: ATP, Commercial, Multiengine, CFI, CFII and CFIM. He is typed in Learjet, Westwind, Citation and Hawker. In addition, he is an Airframe and Powerplant mechanic with an Inspection authorization and is an Aerobatic Competency Examiner for the International Council of Air Shows.

Roetman will be flying a modified Christen Eagle at the 2013 Wings Over North Georgia. The airplane was completed in 2003 and has been an air show plane its entire life. It differs from most planes today in that is has a Lycoming IO360 4-cylinder engine, built by Penn Yan Aero, and pumped up to 250 HP.

“Buck is another one of the industries veteran performers and he will bring plenty of excitement to this year’s show,” said Cowman.

Greg Connell Aerobatic ShowGreg Connell Airshows

The Pitts Model 12 is the 12th design by legendary aircraft designer Curtis Pitts, and the Standard Model 12 is an extremely high performance, unlimited aerobatic-capable, radial engine powered biplane. However, the Greg Connell Airshows Model 12 ratchets up the level of performance even more than the ridiculously incredible abilities of the Standard Model 12.

Performance enhancements to the Connell Model 12 include a Barrett Precision Engines modified M14 Radial engine which boosts the power output to well more than 400 horsepower. These mods also increase the torque of the engine that swings a massive 102-inch three-blade MT Prop.

The Connell Model 12 is the only two-place Model 12 in the world with the single place wings and ailerons. This wing-aileron combination gives this massive biplane an incredibly fast roll rate.

“Greg is somewhat the new kid on the block, but after training many years under Gary Ward’s personal guidance, his skills mirror that of a seasoned aerobatic performer,” said Cowman.

Tickets for the air show and additional information is available at www.WingsOverNorthGeorgia.com. Guests can register at the web site to receive updates about performers, attractions, schedule and other air show information. Wings Over North Georgia can also be found on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Google+.

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