Wings Over North Georgia

October 20-22, 2017

Rome, Georgia
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Sky Soldiers Cobra Demo Team

Army Aviation Hertiage Foundation (Confirmed)

Sky Soilders Demo Team PatchThe Army Aviation Heritage Foundation (AAHF) is acting to provide America’s veterans a voice with which to tell their story and the tools with which to share their legacy of service and devotion with the American public.

The Army Aviation Heritage Foundation has four primary purposes:

1. Educate the American public to their military heritage through the story of U.S. Army Aviation soldiers and machines.
2. Connect the American soldier to the American public as an active, accepted, and admired member of the American family.

Sky Soilders Cobra Demo Team 53. Inspire patriotism and motivate Americans everywhere toward service to their community and Country by involving them in our Nation’s larger military legacy.

4. Preserve authentic, flyable examples of Army aircraft and utilize them in aerial, educational “living history” demonstrations and presentations so that the symbols of America’s military legacy may always remain in our skies for future generations.

The Army Aviation Heritage Foundation understands that today’s soldiers and their families are watching how America treats her veterans. We are using veteran aviators and veteran aircraft to inspire Americans of all generations and ensure that our Nation’s military legacy and heritage of service are never forgotten.

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