October 18-19, 2014

Rome, Georgia
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Smoke-n-Thunder BBQ Classic

Smoke n Thunder Barbeque Classic LogoOur Congratulations to our 2014 Smoke-n-Thunder BBQ Classic Grand Champion’s “Checkered Pig” Mitchell Bedwell & Tommy-Houston

The Smoke-n-Thunder Barbeque Classic™ is an official Kansas City Barbeque Society (KSBS) sanctioned contest, the largest society of barbeque enthusiasts in the world.  The show promoters are expecting more than 75 professional and back-yard division barbeque competitors from Georgia and across the country to gather at Rome’s Russell Regional Airport with the goal of impressing the judges with their one-of-a-kind secret recipes during the 2014 Wings Over North Georgia air show on October 18-19.

JLC AirShow Management made a few changes to the 2014 BBQ Classic, first announcing Randall Bowman assuming the Competition Director duties. Randall is the promoter for the National BBQ Cup competition held each November in Cumming, Georgia.  He brings numerous years of BBQ Competition, Grill Manufacturing and Promoter expertise to this year’s Smoke-n-Thunder BBQ Classic event.  Key support personnel will include John Hale who will be managing the KCBS certified judges and Maria Cowman serving as the event coordinator.

P&P BBQAfter listening to our many fan  and competitor’s feedback, JLC AirShow Management has confirmed that the Back-Yard Division will be returning in 2014 to the competition schedule.  Another key announcement is extending the Saturday show hours through 9:30 pm.  The evening schedule will focus on the BQQ Classic and includes exhibits, world class foods, live music concert performances, People’s Choice BBQ & Wing sampling & voting with guest interactions with the competition teams.  The evening will conclude with a night air show and fireworks grand finale.

“The competitors will battle it out to show off their chicken, pork, ribs and beef brisket entries competing for a cash purse and awards package exceeding $18,000.  The KCBS certified judges are looking for three things: Taste – Appearance – Tenderness, but we can’t overlook the teams are also competing Saturday evening for bragging rights as to who’s the People’s Choice when the fans sample and vote on whose has the best Butts & Wings,” said Randall Bowman, SNT BBQ Classic Competition Director.   The BBQ Classic team competition applications and KCBS certified judging applications are available below for download.  You can follow all the action at our Smoke-n-Thunder FACEBOOK  page too!

Grand Champion of the 2014 Smoke N Thunder BBQ Classic Checkered Pig (Pictured l to r Mitchell Bedwell and Tommy Houston) (2)

2014 Smoke-n-Thunder BBQ Classic Grand Champion “Checkered Pig” L-R: Mitchell Bedwell & Tommy Houston

This year’s competition will take place the weekend before the Jack Daniel’s World Championship Invitational Barbecue contest, where we are expecting championship caliber teams to consider cooking this event on their way to compete in Lynchburg, TN.  The 2014 Smoke-n-Thunder BBQ Classic is sure to stir up everyone’s appetites and provide suspenseful entertainment for all the attendees.  You can join the excitement this fall in Rome to see who will to to unseat the reigning 2013 Grand Champion “QUE’N STEW’N & BREW’N” as the new 2014 Smoke-n-Thunder BBQ Classic “Grand Champion” this fall on October 18-19.


  • Fans can read this great article written in the Articlesbase.com site about the Pit Bulls “Up in Smoke” competition team’s experience duing the 2012 Air Show & BBQ Classic!
  • Travel Channel’s TV Series “BBQ Crawl Season 2″ staring Diva-Q links (commercial free) filmed at the 2013 Smoke-n-Thunder BBQ Classic
  1. http://mms.tveyes.com/PlaybackPortal.aspx?SavedEditID=c35abc69-bd61-40fd-8901-0ca57ae4cd93
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Grand Champion of the 2014 Smoke N Thunder BBQ Classic Checkered Pig (Pictured l to r Mitchell Bedwell and Tommy Houston) (2)2014 WONG Aerial

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