Wings Over North Georgia

October 13-14, 2018

Rome, Georgia
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Smoke-n-Thunder JET CAR & JET TRUCK Completes the Performer Line-Up

Rome, Georgia – September 5, 2017:  JLC AirShow Management has announced another first for the upcoming Wings Over North Georgia air show.  The first ground performer double featuring both the Smoke-n-Thunder Jet Car & Jet Truck Teams on October 21-22 at Rome’s Russell Regional Airport!  Both Smoke-n-Thunder Jet Show Teams based in Castle Rock, Washington have confirmed they’re eager to perform this fall at North Georgia’s #1 Family Event.  

 Wings Over North Georgia’s Deputy Air Show Director, Rob Skelton states, “Besides having the top-tier aerial performers confirmed, Wings Over North Georgia is hosting the industry’s finest ground show performers too!  Adding both the Jet Car & Jet Truck teams to the weekend program completes a stellar performer line-up headlining the USN Blue Angels.”
JLC AirShow Management President, John Cowman echoed the deputy director’s comments, “It’s not everyday our air show guests gets an up close opportunity to witness these two flame throwing 350+ MPH Jet Powered vehicles perform together while producing over 35,000 Horsepower.  That’s equivalent to NASCAR’s entire Daytona 500 starting line-up”  The weekend schedule provides fans with a two-day world-class program that includes aerial performances, static aircraft displays, and premium airport camping.  For the complete air show information, performer line-up, tickets, and camping options, visit

About Smoke-n-Thunder Jet Show Team

One of the most riveting events at an air show is the moment the Smoke-N-Thunder Jet Car takes on a plane in a race to the finish line. Who is the fastest, by land or air? Accelerating from zero to 400 mph in just nine seconds, Smoke-n-Thunder Jet Car is the fastest Jet Car vehicle performer in the air show industry.

The Jet Car pilot, Bill Braack, is a 20-year retired veteran of the Air Force Reserves. He knows there is no room for error when handling a car that is equipped with a 12,000 horsepower engine. As a plane flied in low and fast, Braack selects full afterburner and overtakes the plane in just seconds.

Braack began drag racing in 1982 and three years later joined the Air Force as an aircraft maintainer. Longing to fly, Braack got his pilot license in 1989 and began flying C-130s as a flight engineer. He left active duty Air Force in 1991 and joined the Reserve, where he continued flying as a Flight Engineer on the C-141 Starlifter until his 2005 retirement. Braack holds FAA ratings as a flight engineer and pilot, logging more than 3,000 flight hours.

Engine — Westinghouse J34-48. Originally used in the North American Buckeye T-2A aircraft;  Horsepower —12,000;  Thrust — 6,000 pounds with afterburner;  Chassis — 4130 Chrome-moly construction, 240-inch wheelbase;  Front — Wheels 15-inch diameter, 5-inches wide; Rear — Wheels 15-inch diameter, 10-inches wide;  Body — Aluminum and magnesium;  Cockpit — Custom-built single seat designed and built to fit the driver;  Weight — 2,300 pounds;  Length — 26 feet;  Fuel — Two 20-gallon fuel cells; 40 gallons of diesel fuel used each performance;  Acceleration Speeds — Approaching 400+ mph;  Safety Equipment — Two ring-slot parachutes (one 14 1/2 ft. and one 16 ft.); one on-board fire extinguisher system;  Truck and Trailer —  80-foot truck and trailer transports the Jet Car and are part of the display. Additionally, the truck is equipped with a mobile power unit that is used to start the Jet Car.

Smoke-n-ThunderJet Truck “Hot Streak II” is a twin jet engine custom built 57 Chevy Pickup capable of speeds of 350+MPH entertaining air show & drag racing fans across the country for over 20 years.  

Jet Truck Pilot, Hayden Proffitt II is the grandson of legendary hall of fame drag racer Hayden Proffitt, a 4-time national champion in NHRA and 2-time national champion in AHRA. Also his uncle, Brad Proffitt, piloted the USA Rocket 1 dragster.  So you can clearly see the need to go fast is in his genes. 

After spending 9 years in the Air Force serving as an F-15 Eagle crew chief, Hayden decided it was time for a change.  He always wanted to pursue his dream of driving a race car someday. Of course when you think of a race car, you’re probably not thinking of a 25,000 hp twin jet engine 57’ Chevy Pickup capable of reaching speeds well over 350 MPH. So you can see why this truck is the world’s fastest 57’ Chevy pickup and arguably maybe even the world’s fastest pickup.

Engine — Twin Pratt & Whitney jet engines. Rescued from a J 34-48’s Navy T-2A Buckeye Airplane; Horsepower — 25,000; Thrust —12,500 pounds with afterburners; Chassis —4130 Chrome-moly construction; Front — Wheels 15-inch diameter, 5-inches wide; Rear — 4 Wheels 15-inch diameter, 10-inches wide; Body — Aluminum and steel; Cockpit — Custom-built single seat designed and built to fit the driver; Weight — 4,300 pounds; Length — 17 feet; Fuel — Diesel (150 Gallons Per Run); Acceleration Speeds — Top speed 350+ mph, and 1/4 mile speed between 200-220 mph; Safety Equipment — Four ring-slot parachutes (two 16 ft. mains and two 16 ft. reserves); one on-board fire extinguisher system; Truck and Trailer — 80-foot truck and trailer transports the Jet Truck and are part of the display. Additionally, the truck is equipped with a mobile power unit that is used to start the Jet Truck.

Deputy Air Show Director, Rob Skelton closes his comments by saying “We’re very proud to welcome our support for these two veteran owned and operated jet vehicles that become an instant hit at all the air shows they attend!”

About Wings Over North Georgia Air Show

Tickets for the sixth annual Wings Over North Georgia Air Show presented by Parker FIberNet headlining thUSN Blue Angels Flight Demonstration Squadron and AeroShell Aerobatic Team are available now on-line. Tickets and family packages for the air show weekend include reserved airport parking, general admission, bleacher, box, patio and chalet experiences. Wings Over North Georgia also offers airport Premium Infield & Standard Dry Camping Experiences — camping spaces are in very limited supply, guests can book an advance camping experience directly on-line.

Airport and remote parking lots will open at 7:30 a.m., and the entry gates will open to guests at 9:00 a.m. on both days of the air show.  The Daily Schedule — opening ceremonies will kick-off at 11:15 a.m. followed by the national anthem, flag drop and flying performances to start at 12:00 noon.

Fans can follow the Wings Over North Georgia Air Show across social media through Facebook and Twitter for real time air show informational updates and traffic/parking conditions.  These popular social media sites will allow our followers to stay in touch before they arrive and during the performances.

The Wings Over North Georgia air show is an FAA, DOD, and International Council Air Shows (ICAS) recognized event.  For the full list of world-class performers, activities, and ticket options — air show fans, exhibitors, vendors, and sponsors can visit the official Wings Over North Georgia air show website.

With this world-class performer line-up confirmed, remaining Premium Seating options are expected to sell out much sooner than previous air show years! 

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